• 《DESIGNS IN CLASSICAL AND MODERN & CHINESE AND WESTERN STYLE ⅡDialyzing Six Key Elements of Soft Decoration Design 》2014.7 P022-P027

  • 《MODERN LADY LIFESTYLE》2014.5.31 23 P20-23

  • 《Jiangxi Pictorial - Unbouded》2014.04 No.232 P104-105 (2013 IAI BAMBOO AWARDS Global Space Design Competition EXCELLENT WORKS)

  • 《Colorful Space》2013 1/2 No.167

  • 《WORLD RESORT HOTEL》2013.07 P322-335

  • 《GOLD DESIGN Ⅱ- CHINA INTERIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2012 Gold Design of the Year Leisure Space》2012 P092-095