Design Story


Light, space, the interaction of the interior and exterior elements of every project develops according to my personal feelings and emotions. It is always our goal to communication thoroughly with our clients and providing interior design solutions from concept to completion.

My design inspirations can come from a photo of fashion magazine, or a facade of a building; its materials and finishes already tell a story on how to apply them, or where its best to use them.

Design inspirations is actually everywhere and anywhere especially in this digital era of communications, they can also come from a tiny detail of a photograph. Interior design is a commercial product that also reflects its economic value. Art and artifacts plus the designer’s sensitive touch can be much more valuable than just stuffing the space with brand name furniture and light fixtures.

I love the style of art deco, especially the works from the 30s of French and Shanghai origin。Works from Beaux-Arts movement inspire me the most. 18th century architecture and furniture reflected luxurious finishes and extremely intricate detail. I believe that in the next decade, similar styles will be very popular among the upper class and high society. Three other design styles that continue to be popular is classical, art deco and neo-classical.

How to become extraordinary? Don’t just look at the exterior, but from inside out, and also outside in.

Design is not only about the satisfaction of the designer, designs also have to satisfy the emerging market needs.