Company Profile

IVAN C. DESIGN LIMITED (I.C.D.L.) specializes in interior design for five-star hotels, clubhouses, villas and show-flats, among others. Officially established in 2002, I.C.D.L. was formerly known as I DESIGN COMPANY, which was founded by renowned Hong Kong designer Mr. Cheng Si-Leung in 1996 in Hong Kong. In 2010, the company began to expand its businesses from Shanghai to other cities in China.

I.C.D.L. offers clients a full range of professional services including space planning, concept development, architectural/construction documents, artistic furniture and on-site supervision. While fully taking into account clients’ needs, the company keeps pursuing fine, personalized, classic and creative ideas in its projects. Led by Mr. Cheng, the team has dozens of elite designers with projects. Featuring elegance, exquisiteness and humanized details, I.C.D.L.’s design combines classic elements with modern concepts while taking advantage of both oriental and occidental cultures. At the same time, the company also highlights the rationality and economy of its products. We are committed to creating premium, classic, economical and comfortable products and aiming to serve more high-end clients in the future.